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Audit event collection from Sybase ASE. Support of password encryption.

Question asked by Ioannis Velitsikakis on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2019 by Vincent Wareham

Hi everyone.


I am working on a new project for my customer and I try to onboard Sybase ASE audit events (version 16.x).


First of all, let me mention that despite the fact that RSA states that v16.x is not supported I have managed to successfully connect and pull logs from Sybase servers. To achieve this I had to use (ODBC driver). In this specific setup no password encryption was applied during authentication towards the database server.


A challenge arises with production DB servers. To become more specific, our customer enforces encryption for login authentication (SyBooks Online). To the best of my knowledge, RSA relies on the Progress DataDirect drivers (version 7.1 according to the odbcinst.ini file in /opt/netwitness/odbc). Are you aware of the authentication methods (No Encryption, Encrypt Password, Kerberos Authentication) supported by this implementation? Has anyone managed to work with password encryption?


I really appreciate your feedback and sharing of experiences & ideas.