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Sub CA Not Found

Question asked by Milos Popovic on Jan 21, 2019



I am aware that this product is EOL. We have plans to replace in next two or three months.


But this issue come up in last few days (after 31.12.2018.). I am not able to see newly installed endpoint agent. This error is recorded in ep_security.log on endpoint machine.


ERROR 2019-01-21 14:53:48,304 4 RSADLPJoinClient.JoinServices - Renew: Exception encountered:
System.Exception: Server Failed with exception 'System.Exception': Sub CA Not Found!
   at RSADLPJoinClient.JoinServices.ThrowServerError(JoinServiceErrorMessage fault)
   at RSADLPJoinClient.JoinServices.ThrowOnServerError(RenewReply message)
   at RSADLPJoinClient.JoinServices.Renew(Uri server, X509Certificate2 cert, IEnumerable`1 neededCAIds, InstallCertificateChainsDelegate callbackInstallChains, UpdateRootCertificatesDelegate callbackUpdateTrust, ConfigUpdateDelegate callback, RemoteCertificateValidationCallback validator, LocalCertificateSelectionCallback certificate)
INFO 2019-01-21 14:53:48,330 4 RSADLPJoinCommon.CertificateValidator - Server Certificate Passed Chain Trust: certificate with thumbprint B53DC4522310F171D85FDCAA154E1AD3F9A0E3F9
INFO 2019-01-21 14:53:48,330 4 RSADLPJoinCommon.CertificateValidator - Server Certificate Trusted: role held by certificate with thumbprint B53DC4522310F171D85FDCAA154E1AD3F9A0E3F9


Has anyone of you faced similar error? Maybe you have saved steps that support provided.