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High CPU usage by the offline authentication service

Question asked by Y Kara on Jan 22, 2019

We are are experiencing high CPU usage by the following RSA Authentication Agent service:


Display name: RSA Authentication Agent Offline Local

Service name: OASVC_local (da_svc.exe)


Constantly consuming ~20% CPU causing severe degraded performance for end users, stop the service and performance is improved. Not all computers are affected but issue is most visible on Surface Pro (SP) tablets, in particular SP3 and SP4 with 4 or 8GB of RAM and Intel i5-4300U or i5-6300U processors. Issue has only become notable since Windows 10 1709 feature update.


RSA Auth Agent versions and show the same high CPU symptoms.


We have enabled verbose logging for the da_svc and da_svcAPI services but cannot see anything in the log that would explain the high CPU usage. On non-impacted devices we can see the services consumes a stable 2-3% CPU but cannot why these Surface Pro devices is at a much higher 20% post 1709.


Any guidance is appreciated.