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AM 8.3 Licensed User Count

Question asked by Daniel Bruss on Jan 28, 2019
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I have an Authentication Manager system running 8.3 P01 that has a licensed user count of 55 users spread across four different licenses (one has 25 users and the other three all have 10 users).  Our system also shows a total of 75 tokens - 50 assigned and 25 unassigned.  However, when we pull up our License Status screen, we are seeing our Limit being reported as 55 (this seems correct based on our four installed licenses) but we are also seeing 55 for the Actual count.


With only 50 tokens assigned, how can I find out where the other 5 user licenses are being consumed?  Based on a tech note that I read, I did run a Users report to look for any users that might have had a Fixed Passcode assigned to them but every user had FALSE under that column so I'm not sure where else to look for the 5 missing licenses.



Thank you!