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IGL 7 - how to customise Out Of Office

Question asked by Andy Cheek on Jan 30, 2019
Latest reply on May 30, 2020 by Mostafa Helmy

The new Out Of Office option looks to be a useful feature, especially as it exposes already created/assigned approval/activity tasks to the delegate not just new ones. However …the default form/workflow are relatively basic and we would want to tailor the process slightly. Trouble is I can't see how some of the key features work under the covers so am unclear how to copy/revise for our own purposes.


For example:

  • How does it create TWO separate requests, with fulfilment dates based on the form data? How would this work from our own custom clone of the supplied default form?
  • How are the default form and WF associated - there is no clear link shown to identify the WF to execute.? How would/should we create custom versions of these objects to ensure the link?
  • How is the database actually updated? There just seems to be a Fulfilment Phase node with no clear configuration. While optimistic I just don't believe it happens by magic - what do we need to include in our custom WF?
  • How does cancellation work, especially if you still have 2 pending requests because the OOO period has not already started? We have observed that cancelling one request will automatically trigger the cancellation of the other but how? And does that create two cancellation escalations? We only want to send one cancellation notification.


And there may be other questions like this !