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SecurID 800 Smartcard Windows 10

Question asked by Anton Engelhardt on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by Erica Chalfin

I'm currently having some trouble about getting my head wrapped around the required software for working with SecurID 800 certificate storage.


The machine I have for testing runs Windows 10 x64 (DE) and we have an RSA server and windows Logon via RSA Authentication Manager for Windows running. So Windows logon with RSA is working, on my test machine I have the SecurID connected authenthicator running, so logging in with just my pin while the SID800 is plugged in also works.


But regarding the SmartCard functionality I can't get it to work nor find any Information as on how it is supposed to work.

In the device manager I get two devices upon plugging in the SID800 via USB (I'll translate the entries, since I just have the german exact names of them).

-Microsoft Usbccid-Smartcard-Reader (WUDF)

-Unknown Smartcard
Also attached a screenshot of them.


From what I could find there is a middleware and an Authenthicator Client V3.6 (Is is superseeded by the Authentihication manager V7.4.2 ?). Both I don't seem to have the permission to download and therefor test. I also saw a screenshot of the RSA Control Center on the web, which showed some Certificate and authenthicator Options, which I don't have (see screens atatched). If someone could write a quick overview of what I'm doing wrong here that would be majestic.


Thanks in advance