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ESA Rule Scope

Question asked by Deepak Shukla on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2019 by Josh Randall

Hi Team, 


I am working  on a use-case for CyberArk and would like to know if there is any feasibility to call "meta value" of any "meta key" in the "meta value" of another "meta key". 


Scenario is: CyberArk-Password Retrieved from another user. 

Case Study: Source Username is the field which capture affected user for which password is retrieved and destination username is the field which capture the detail of user who retried the password. Source Username will have additional pre-fix of "adm_". E.g. Source Username = adm_deepak and Destination Username = deepak. 

My logic is to build something like, source username doesn't contain destination username.   


Seeking your hep here..... 



Deepak Shukla