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How to improve performance to load Application Forms

Question asked by Jasmin Naber on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by Jasmin Naber

We have realized that application forms require a hugh amount of time for loading the entitlement table if the Business source has a lot of authorizations. We have already filtered for the required entitlement type like this:



The number of available entitlements in this application is quite high:



If we select one user, it will take up to 1 Minute to load the entitlement table for the first time. If we pick the same user a second time it will take up to 20 seconds. If we pick 5 users it takes up to 3 Minutes to load the entitlement table. We have already disabled that IGL should check for outstanding change requests for the user as this will also have a impact on the performance of loading the entitlement table.


Does anyone have any idea how to improve the loading performance for application forms with a high amount of authorizations (with SQL query improvement, extend RAM / disk space of app Server / DB Server) ?