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Securing OpenVPN with RSA SecurID

Question asked by Manuel Holzner on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2020 by Tom Menezes



I'm very new to RSA SecurID and we are actually in launch phase with RSA SecurID for RDS (with Windows Agent).
This was really easy and works great!
As we are using OpenVPN for a couple of years now, I wan't to secure the OpenVPN-Login (on server side) with RSA SecurID CloudAuthenticationService.

As we have users who only have a HardwareToken (SID700), users who have the SecurID Authenticate App and some with both, I want OpenVPN to support all Authentication-Methods. Also OpenVPN should ask for user's password.
I tried already via configuring OpenVPN as radius-client for CAS. But here I have the problem that only On-Premise is working and I don't know how to get Authenticate-Passcode or HardwareToken-Passcode working. Also On-Premise only is working even if user's last successful authentication-method was on-premise.


Does anybody have some experience with securing OpenVPN?

Thanks in advance.