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Overwriting a User attribute

Question asked by Nicolas Massimillo on Feb 28, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2019 by Nicolas Massimillo

I want to add the Distinguished Name from Active Directory to a User in IGL, but I'm not using AD as an Identity Collector that can create users. The only Identity Collector that can create users is Workday.


In one instance of my IGL build, I created "Distinguished Name" as a User attribute and I have a Workday variable I don't need (WorkEmail) writing into it. Then I changed the attribute source for Distinguished Name from to the AD Identity Collector. After unification I am able to go into the  User profile and see their DN.


This isn't working on my second instance of IGL (sandbox environment that I am rebuilding).

I removed the attribute source and Workday isn't even pulling the WorkEmail attribute at all, but when I do a "test" it pulls it there.


I made sure that all settings for collectors/attributes/sync/unification are exactly identical in both environments.