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Request > Activities > By Entitlement is missing the name of the business source

Question asked by Shlomo Katz on Mar 3, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2019 by Shlomo Katz


Appliance, RSA Supplied DB - Onboard

7.1 P03

  • Business Source name is (example) Application1
    •    Entitlements are manually created (Application > What access > Create)
    •    No Accounts collected
  • Roles are used to manage users so the entitlements show as indirect.
    • User A has Application1 Entitlment 1, 2, and 3.

Question: Request > Activities > By Entitlements has the following 303_@_1551285008471 instead of the application name of Application1.  This is the only location I see this and I believe it is causing the followings issues:


Issue 1:

Initial creation and Role memberships did not have any issues.

A user moved from one role to another with similar entitlements plus or minus accordingly.

After the roles switch, the entitlements would never map to the user, so AFX will try every time the rule ran.


Failed Solution

So I exported the Application and Roles

Recreated the Entitlements.


Issue 2:

None of the users are remapping to the entitlements. 


Any ideas?