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custom inject log report

Discussion created by Shahnawaz Kohati on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by Dave Glover

Dear All,


I have injected custom logs under RSA SA for some old dates and trying to run report on the same using "event_time" meta.

Once logs uploaded, i can view current time in "time" meta and old time in "event_time" meta.


Copied the avro to the date folder i want report for but report appears blank.


For example: 

On 5 Mar, i have inject logs of 05 Jan using nwlogplayer under Decoder. Logs populated under Conc properly like "time" meta reflecting 5 Mar and "event_time" meta reflecting 05 Jan. Now copied avro of 05 Mar and paste to 05 Jan and trying to run the report using "event_time" meta on 05 Jan time period.


Report appearing blank.


Need support on the same on how i can able to view logs or any suggestion which can help me to achieve it.