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What format is the "time" variable in API meta request return

Question asked by Daniel Weiner on Mar 5, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by Joshua Trabing

I am trying to determine the time of an event based on session meta derived by query through the Netwitness Logs & Network API. This is an example response:


[{"dns.querytype": "ptr record", "analysis.session": "single sided udp", "netname": "other dst", "lifetime": "0", "": "", "payload": "110", "size": "194", "requestpayload": "110", "service": "53", "city.dst": "Dublin", "ip.src": "", "rid": "786116792", "eth.src": "", "udp.srcport": "50784", "udp.dstport": "53", "": "", "direction": "outbound", "medium": "1", "ip.dst": "", "tld": "arpa", "org.dst": "", "sessionid": "786116792", "latdec.dst": "53.3389", "eth.type": "2048", "inv.category": "operations", "eth.dst": "18:8B:9D:72:31:D0", "did": "nwapplhybrid022018", "longdec.dst": "-6.2595", "packets": "2", "analysis.service": "tld not com net org", "streams": "1", "country.dst": "Ireland", "time": 1550554959, "sld": "in-addr", "inv.context": "protocol analysis", "ip.proto": "17"}]


What time format is the "time" variable returned by the API? Thank you for your help.