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Unrecognized response from server: <AuthnResponse> MessageKey

Question asked by Raj Sinha on Mar 8, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2019 by Ted Barbour

Running Linux version of sample Agent code (downloaded from RSA): AuthSDK_Java_v8.6.0_75_06_03_16_13_30_14). Made necessary changes in class path. Used sdconf.rec generated from AM. When I run ant and enter USERNAME and PASSCODE. getting error message:

Unrecognized response from server: <AuthnResponse> MessageKey”.


This exception is thrown while creating api in AuthUser object. Pasting console output (username and passcode are hidden).



     [echo] Starting to run sample.AuthUser

     [java] Non-validating Trust Manager (Accepts all servers)

     [java] Enter USERNAME:

     [java] Enter PASSCODE:


     [java] Error in processing Authn request: java.lang.Exception: Unrecognized response from server: <AuthnResponse> MessageKey


     [java] Aborting application


 Also, attaching my_api_events.log


Your help would be highly appreciated.