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REST Client to call 'RSA SecurID Authentication REST API'

Question asked by Abhilash C on Mar 11, 2019
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I am planning to use RSA SecurID Authentication REST API' for an existing Java /J2EE based web application to add a second layer of user authentication. 


I have gone through the 'RSA SecurID Authentication REST API' User Guide mentioned in the below link and I have a  query is regarding the Sample Client Implementation (chapter 3).


RSA SecurID Authentication API Developer's Guide 


I assume the reference implementation example mentioned in the above is just for reference purpose only and its up to the consumer applicant which REST API Client to use to call the REST API Endpoints (e.g:- Spring REST Template or Apache CXF to call RSA ).



I am trying to clarify here that there is no need to create any RSA specific client or utility jars  needed at consumer application end to call the RSA Secure ID REST API Endpoints.


Only thing needed is RSA Authentication Manager or Cloud Authentication Service which register the consuming application (in my case Java /J2EE Application server details)


My assumption is that I can use any REST API Client to call 'RSA SecurID Authentication REST API'  and there is no need of any RSA Specific clients to use for triggering RSA REST API endpoints. 


Could you please confirm