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Trying to delete the SecurID token database on Mac

Question asked by Justin Channell on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2019 by Steven Spicer


I was having an issue on my Mac (running MacOS Mojave) when running RSA. It kept displaying a window that read "To complete import of *token name.sdtid* file enter a password." The token was not password protected and clicking "Cancel" would make the window disappear and the token would work.

Yesterday, this stopped working and despite uninstalling RSA SecurID application and reinstalling, SecurID is still asking for a password for this token. I've tried uninstalling with the Python script and deleting any file I can find that looks like it might be the token database and it still is finding something referring to that .sdtid file.

Is there a way I can completely delete the token database to start fresh and troubleshoot from there? I'm one of the few Mac users at my office and our IT department isn't sure what a solution is, so I'm kind of on my own in fixing this.