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Android app thinks airplane mode is on (Android Q)

Question asked by Robert Struth on Mar 14, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2019 by Jeana Routh

Disclaimer: I understand Android Q is beta software, not recommended for daily use, etc., and that the RSA app has official support only up through Pie right now.  If this is the wrong place for this let me know, just thought I should point out this experience somewhere.


After updating my Pixel XL to Android Q to check it out, I am not able to activate my token using the Android app.  The attached screenshot shows the message "Disable Airplane mode through your Settings options and restart your device". I did not have airplane mode enabled and had full Internet access both through Wifi and my mobile network, but I did attempt a restart, as well as removing and reinstalling the app/clearing app data and cache.


My best guess is that changes to the way Android Q allows apps to access Wifi settings may have broken the connection process.  It seems like the app might be trying to force Wifi on but can't.  Seems odd it needs to do that since I have full Internet access.  If there are any suggestions on this I'd be happy to hear them.