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IGL Report Entitlements Dropping

Question asked by William May on Mar 21, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2019 by William May

Has anyone else experienced an issue where as you grant users permissions to either "Run Report" or "View report results" they get dropped and you have to re-add them frequently?


I believe they get dropped when you give another user report related access (not necessarily even to the same report), so this is an endless cycle of add one user, some other user or users get dropped.)


It's clearly a bug, because when I look at the Users --> Access tab, there are no report permissions, then I go to the Report Definition, and the user is listed in "Run Report" Or "View Report Results", so I edit the report, remove the user, re-add the user, save the report and then I see the entitlements listed under Users-->Access tab as "Report Result: View Report Results"


I'm curious if anyone has found a workaround to prevent this from happening, or a way to monitor and remediate. I am not upgrading soon, and haven't even been able to locate this as a known issue that's been fixed.


This is a major pain - I get an email almost daily of some other user not able to get at their reports.


I'm on 7.0.2 P07