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instantclient, when and how is it used?

Question asked by Markus Calmius on Mar 27, 2019
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we just upgraded to 7.1.1 since we need an update to the ojdbc-driver[1]

After installing 7.1.1 I searched the /home/oracle-directory and found this:

-bash-4.1$ find . -name ojdbc?.jar









Why doesn't the instantclient contain an updated driver? When is it used? 

Can we just remove ALL the old ojdbc-drivers and drop the ojdbc8-driver into the instantclient directory?





[1] Our DBA team want to have a more secure DB and changed a setting:

SQLNET.ENCRYPTION_SERVER from optional to required.

This is not supported (or a bug) in the ojdbc7-driver. It caused all kinds of weird errors. So the DBA-team had to down-grade the security setting again.