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AWS R80.20 Checkpoint connection issue

Question asked by Nicole Johnson on Apr 3, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by Con O'Donnell



I am having an issue with a new Checkpoint event source. The version of checkpoint we are using for AWS is R80.20. I have been able to successfully add the new event source using the CheckPoint_Security Suite guide (IPS-1) from RSA that was last modified on 5/9/18. However I am seeing the following error in the var/log/messages: The SIC infrastructure was unable to establish the connection. I found the corresponding support articles: and as well as What I have learned is that this setup does not include a management server (MLM) therefore the Server Distinguished name provided to me is not that of the management server but of the firewall. Here is excerpt of what was provided to me:

Client SIC Name  (DN String from CMA)


Server SIC Name  (from GuiDBedit on CLM)



Will this config work without a management server? I was told this is just a CMA. Please advise