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Increment Alphanumerically with Naming Policies

Question asked by Ryan Christopher on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by Mostafa Helmy

We are implementing AFX account provisioning for our mainframe environment.  The naming policy in our mainframe currently increments alphanumerically.  Below is a similar example of how our IDs would increment.








The first 2 alpha characters are line of business dependent, third alpha character is contract dependent, fourth alpha character increments, last 3 digits increment and provide uniqueness.


Is there a way we can perpetually increment using IGL's naming policies alphanumerically?  I have been unsuccessful in making a transform work, and the uniqueness enforcement seems to only increment numerically.


One idea that we have considered is to have a database table with all possible account IDs that are unused.  A process would claim the next available, in order, then move it to another table with other user data, leaving the next available account ID to be claimed later.  I'm not fully wrapping my brain around how this could be used with IGL though, but I am aware that an SQL node exists in the workflows that I haven't played around with yet.  Would this be a viable solution, or are we over-engineering this?


Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.