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IGL 7 - setting attribute from User Attribute Change rule

Question asked by Andy Cheek on Apr 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2019 by Boris Lekumovich

The help for User Attribute Change rules states that we can set a managed attribute but gives NO indication or real examples of how you can set the attribute to a non-literal value, e.g. run date.


It says ...

For example, assume the following:
The condition for an attribute change rule detects changes in the departments to which users belong.
A locally managed user date data type attribute, “Last Transfer Date,” is included in the user attribute set.
In this case, you could specify that the action sets the transfer date value to the date when the department change is detected by the rule. A review designer, for instance, could then design a user review that includes only those users who have transferred to another department in the last 30 days as indicated by the value of “Last Transfer Date.”


This is essentially what we want to do … but how do we specify that the managed attribute should be updated with the run date of the rule?