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Search for possibility to generate multiple Accounts >800 and assign HW-tokens just not individual

Question asked by Kerstin Reiss on Apr 18, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by Kerstin Reiss

Hello, i've the request of a customer that they want to equip now all of their collegeaus with RSA Hardware Tokens. The size of the new accounts is about 800 users. So there have to be generate a lot of users and to assign the HW-Tokens. The list of the users, which have to be generated, are available respectively are listed in an Excel sheet.

So is there possibility  in the RSA AM to manage that without generate  each user and assign each token individual.

In the knowledgebase i just found the article about "Assing Hardware Tokens to Multiple Users", and i found the possibility in AM to "Add user with Options". But this doesn't helps me really with this Dimension.


Kind regards

Kerstin Reiß