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Workflow issue with form variable and sql select

Question asked by Steve Alexandre on Apr 19, 2019
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I'm trying to query the database with a custom request workflow after using a custom form, but I can't have the result expected.


Here the informations :

  • AVUSER contains a custom table with data which he's called ENT_TEST and have one column called USERID
  • We have create a custom global form with one field to set which is login
  • We have create a custom request workflow with one sql select node with the query :



WHERE USERID = '${JobUserData_PublicData_avform_login}'

  • We have linked this workflow to the custom global form created


When I'm creating a new request through the custom form with a userid already existing in the table, it should return one row by the select in the workflow but it doesn't.

If I'm removing the WHERE clause, all userid are returned from the table so it's not a problem about permission of something like this.


I'm checking the variables of the workflow running, I have my login variable from the form(PublicData_avform_login toto) but the sql select return 0 row(RowCount 0).

When I tried the same query on my sql developer(replacing the variable by the form value), I have one row returned.


What I'm doing wrong with my sql select node or workflow?


Thank you.