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Question asked by Mark Keenan on Apr 19, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by Sriranga Prasanna

We are receiving the following error message for  all attempts using software tokens both using iPhone app and also Windows PC app. This has only started happening today, hardware SID700 tokens are unaffected and are working ok. What are the typical causes for this, RSA support has shown us that redistributing the tokens resolves it but this issue could reoccur at any time and constant redistributions could be a constant drain on resources. AUTHN_METHOD_FAILED Error message detail: Date & Time: 2019-04-19 19:00:02.608 Log Level: ERROR Activity Key: Authentication attempted Description: Bad tokencode, but good PIN detected for token serial number <token serial number>� assigned to user “ABC123456â€� in security domain “SystemDomainâ€� from “domainnameâ€� identity source Action Result Key: Failure Result Key: AUTHN_METHOD_FAILED Result: Authentication method failed User ID: ABC123456 User First Name: Name User Last Name: Name User Security Domain: SystemDomain User Identity Source Name: domainname Agent Type: 7 Agent Name: <agent name> Agent IP: <agent IP address> Agent Security Domain: SystemDomain Authentication Method: SecurID_Native Policy Expression: N/A Argument 1: N/A Argument 2: 6 Argument 3: 4 Argument 4: N/A Argument 5: N/A Argument 6: N/A Argument 7: N/A Argument 8: 732d3d6a288819ac134bbd3c896dc27a Argument 9: 000512183123 Argument 10: N/A Instance Name: Client IPv4: <client IPv4 address> Client IPv6: N/A Server Node IP: <server IP address> Additional Information: N/A Actor GUID: 76402da2288819ac18f90e0d5ab6c0db Session ID: 0c193465288819ac71186a0efa4e2c62-7n7FpLlR+pxE Agent GUID: 23acd31c288819ac19580610af7638bf