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Keeping a Dev and Prod Authentication Manager system in sync.

Question asked by Michael Folsom on May 1, 2019
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I'm curious about process and a bit new to RSA Authentication Manger.  I have a Prod and Dev setup running 8.3.  Both systems consist of a Manager and a Replica.  I am starting to try and automate the addition and removal of Agents and Users from the system and really need my Dev to be somewhat like Prod.  To do this I would like to periodically do a backup of Prod and put it on Dev which is easy to do.  My experience so far has been mixed.  While it is possible to do  this I have discovered that I loose my Replica on Dev in the process. 


Is there a way around this so that I can have a real test/Dev system that is somewhat in sync with Prod.  I don't what to have to "re-initalize" my Replica every time Dev gets updated.


Hopefully this makes some sense -


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