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Schedule Deprovision of Entitlements

Question asked by Gladys Sollinger on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on May 14, 2019 by Mostafa Helmy

I would like to understand the behavior of automatic deprovision of entitlements. When a user was assigned a business role composed by several entitlements from different target applications. I found out that when deprovision is scheduled, it remains as pending, because the automatic deprovisioning adds "account removal", even though account removal was not specificied:

Business role BR composed by :

Entitlement1 - TargetApp1

Entitlement2 - TargetApp1

Entitlement3 - TargetApp2


when creating the automatic deprovision request, it is built randomly with a target application account to be deleted. Account removal was not defined. I would really like to understand how this situation happens.  But it is always one target account to remove, not two. In case we would have 5 entitlements and 3 target apps, it will schedule one account to remove, not two or three.


Thanks for your help.