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Web process crashes when RSA is enabled

Question asked by Daan Stolp on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by Daan Stolp

I am trying to install and configure the RSA Authentication Agent for IIS (version 8.0.3). The installation of the web agent succeeds and I am able to configure IIS correctly. However, as soon as the first web requests hits the web server, the `w3wp.exe` process of the corresponding app pool crashes. If I disable RSA protection on the root site, the site will respond normally. Our setup in IIS is something like this:


  • Sites
    • Default Web Site
    • My Web Site
      • Non-protected sub-site 1
      • Non-protected sub-site 2
      • rsa-signin (protected with RSA)
      • WebID


On the level of My Web Site, the option Enable RSA SecurID Web Access Authentication is enabled, but the site itself is not protected. Only the rsa-signin site is protected with RSA. In this case, I'm trying to access one of the non-protected sub-sites, which don't make use of RSA at all. 


The system's event viewer shows some detail about the error, but not much. All I can find is a rather generic 0xc0000374 exception code. 


How can I diagnose and solve this issue?


Windows version: Windows Server 2012 R2

IIS version: 8.5

RSA Authentication Agent version: 8.0.3