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ESA rule broken at 11.3

Question asked by Bohdan Rylko on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2020 by Bohdan Rylko

We recently upgraded from NetWitness 10.6.6 to 11.3. Several rules got disabled during the upgrade and they no longer work.
I suppose it is mainly because directory meta changed type from string to string[], so that it became an array.

Simplified version of the rule, which compares directory in the event with directory in enrichment and it fires alert if there is match on the directory (or its subdirectory, that is why there is .startsWith):

(device_type IN ( 'emcisilon' ) AND directory IS NOT NULL AND
EXISTS (SELECT * FROM folders_test WHERE( )
) );

Enrichment RSI1_folders_test is in-memory table and contains several folder paths, named as directory of type string.

The rule worked fine at Netwitness 10.6.6.
The rule is no longer possible to be deployed to ESA with 11.3, because directory doesn't have method toLowerCase now (it is not a string anymore).

I tried converting directory to string using cast(,string), which works when it is directly in event filters (except there is [ character at start and ] at end of the string), but it doesn't seem to work properly when used together with the enrichment.

The bellow rule fires alert on all events of type emcisilon, no matter if startsWith on the directory matches or not (EXISTS part seems to result always to TRUE for some unclear reason):


(device_type IN ( 'emcisilon' ) AND directory IS NOT NULL AND
EXISTS (SELECT * FROM folders_test WHERE( cast(,string).toLowerCase().startsWith(directory,1) ) )
) ) ;


I tried various things, but didn't manage to get this rule working with 11.3.

Can you please advice how to fix the rule to work in Netwitness 11.3 ?