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Event ID 1009 - Execution failed.  Could not contact administration server.

Question asked by Thomas Mandeville on May 15, 2019
Latest reply on May 17, 2019 by Sriranga Prasanna

We have a couple of Dell desktop machines that would not boot past the Dell logo.  In both cases, there was no error message and the machines would just freeze.  We switched out the machines, and when we got them back on our test bench, they booted into Windows and past all diagnostics.  I check the event logs, and there were a ton of 1009 errors, one of which is shown below (I've redacted the computer name).  The machine from which this error was taken had several hundred of these errors.  I was surprised to see anything in the logs given that the machine was not getting past the Dell logo, let alone starting up Windows, but the date and time of this error aligns with the date and time of the call to the Help Desk, and it is the only error in the logs for which that is true.  This error is found on both machines that exhibited the behavior.


Log Name: Application
Source: RSA Agent Auto Registration
Date: 4/23/2019 2:52:09 PM
Event ID: 1009
Task Category: Registration failed
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Description: Execution failed. Could not contact administration server.


BTW, if you are wondering why the date shows almost a month ago, it is because the machine was in a satellite office and it took that long to get it back.


I am wondering what causes this error, and if it could possibly explain why the machine was not booting past the Dell logo.  Any information that you can offer will be greatly appreciated!