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How to set managed attribute of user

Question asked by Sirisha Bomma on May 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by Sirisha Bomma

I am trying to use the attribute change rule to provision an entitlement based on a certain value change for a managed attribute on a user. When I set the managed attribute on the user by clicking edit - the rule fires correctly. I also see that there is an entry in T_AV_USER_ATTR_CHANGES with IDC_ID=0 and RUN_ID=0


However I want to set the managed attribute of a user via workflow - a direct update to T_MASTER_ENTERPRISE_USERS will not help as the T_AV_USER_ATTR_CHANGES does not have any record and the attribute change rule will not fire. Also I do not want to manipulate data directly in DB tables so want to understand the best way to update the managed attribute of user via workflow so that the attribute change rule will fire correctly.


Thank you in advance.