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RSA Cloud load balancing DNS and SSL certs questions

Question asked by Andy Hardy on May 21, 2019
Latest reply on May 21, 2019 by Lenore Tumey

installed trial, works in one site,

dns and SSL certificate of purchased from comodo

dns is a single entry on cloudflare and points to (

works ok.



we have 2 sites.

we have a load balancer in each site , the F5

planning on installing 3 RSA virtual servers each site, but to keep it simple, we will have 1 on each site.


what SSL certs do i need to purchase for this?

sub domain of say "" and make the F5 authoritive for this yes?

with 2 a records in that of the below for example  (these dont need to be external ssl certs?)


then IN CNAME  



what entry do i put in the RSA as my identity router hostname and what external SSL cert do i need to purchase?