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Issue RSA Authentication Windows Agent

Question asked by Abdoulaye TRAORE on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by Abdoulaye TRAORE

Hello Familly, i have a issue with my Rsa authentication windows agent. After the installation on the Windows server 2012 R2, i have reboot it with out make a test authentication. And now i can log with any credential even the local administrator. I Lost , thank you in advance for your HELP. Below the screen shoot of the monitor when i try to log with the usualy local administrator.


Activity Key
Resolve principal by userid/alias


Attempt to resolve user by user ID or alias <user ID> request origninated from agent <agen namet> with IP address <IP address> in security doman <security domain>


Unable o resolve user by login ID and/or alias, or authntiocatior not assigned to user


User ID

< user ID>



<agent IP>


Server Node

<server IP address


Client IPv4

<client IP address>