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TCP7014 Traffic from SecurID Appliance Primary

Question asked by Kevin Marshman on May 22, 2019
Latest reply on May 22, 2019 by Edward Davis

Is anyone seeing any traffic over TCP7014 after patching to 8.4 P3?


This is not a port that is specified as needing to be open between any combination(s) of the primary and replica (that I can find) yet i am seeing dropped traffic from the primary to the replica from our enterprise firewalls.  My reference doc is the rsa_authentication_manager_8.4_planning_guide.pdf and i checked both the port traffic and access through a firewall sections.

Interestingly, there were drops from the primary to all of the replicas when applying the patch, and to 1 of 4 replicas, the attempts continue since and are occurring about every 10-15 seconds.  The process is Java (syn_sent).  Also, the replica does not appear to be listening for this traffic.


Any help is greatly appreciated.