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Log Decoder "Bad Cast" Messages

Question asked by Dwayne Fryer on May 23, 2019
Latest reply on May 23, 2019 by Jim Hollar

We have a Log Decoder that is being flooded with "NwLogDecoder [21327]: [Parse] [failure] Meta processing failed for session with: Bad case" messages. I have not seen this message before and it is causing the LD & LC to show 0 capture rate in H&W. The only difference I have seen with this LD compared to other LD's in our environment is that this servers Cache Directory was configured for /var/netwitness/logdecoder/cache while others were configured for /var/netwitness/cache. I made the change and restarted all services (puppet, rabbitmq-server, collectd, mcollective, nwappliance, nwlogdecoder) and the messages reappeared. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.