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How to automatically expire a access change request generated for an approver to approve ?

Question asked by Hinalben Gohil on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Andy Cheek

What i wanted to find out is basically if their is an access change request generated for revocation , and the request is assigned to an individual( I.E.. Application owner) to be approved within a set time frame of 5 days while the attestation is still open. Is their a way to expire the request after 5 days if the Application owner does not action the request ? 


As of right now the way system functions is that as long as the attestation is open the Application Owner is able to ' perform' the action required to be taken to complete the request which is either to approve /reject. 


I figured that via the workflow i would be able to change the status of the request, but i am unsure as to how to go on about doing so. Any assistance will be appreciated.


Thank You