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Remote-AMBA not working after upgrade to 8.4 P3

Question asked by Akther Hussain on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Erica Chalfin



Remote AMBA Version: 1.6.0 Build 107


We updated off from AM 8.2 SP1 Patch 7 to 8.4 Patch 3. 

8.2 SP1 P7 > 8.3 > 8.4 > 8.4 P3


After the update it seems like Remote-AMBA no longer works. 


Get the following Error in the command prompt for the following example:

C:\1\RemoteAMBA\bin>remoteamba --ini amba.ini -a testadmin -C 11012092 -i ..\input.csv

Error 2004: Unable to communicate with serverFailed to connect with command server


I checked trace logs under remoteamba\logs:

ERROR, workstation101.localdomain,,,,Attempting downgraded connection protocol to EJB/2.1.
ERROR,,,,,Unable to connect to downgraded EJB/2.1 command server.null


Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve it?

Have not made any changes to R-AMBA before update. 


Prefer using Remote-AMBA rather than the built-in AMBA due to security reasons below: 

Not having to use rsaadmin credentials.

No SSH into Primary instance 

Multiple Admins are able to leverage R-AMBA with their own ID and passcode over using rsaadmin password. 


On another note, why is RSA not supporting R-AMBA anymore?

I opened a ticket with Support only to be told R-AMBA not supported. 


Have tested out the built-in AMBA on 8.4 and I am quite pleased with new features being added such as extend tokens in bulk.


However is seems like when it comes to actual security, a backseat approach is taken by RSA where Enterprise level clients requiring bulk level changes, have to resort to using rsaadmin credentials regularly to leverage AMBA. 


R-AMBA addressed this issue quite well and I am disappointed, on the backward approach.   

I am hoping there is a future road map on supporting R-AMBA