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App or service name for whitelisting iOS/Android app

Question asked by FRANK PAYNE on May 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by Mark DePalma

I'm attempting to whitelist the RSA SecurID Software Token app for iOS and Android in Intune for the purpose of being able to copy/paste the token provisioning URL from Outlook into the app. Specifically, I need to add it as an exemption in an App Protection Policy under the setting "Send Org data to other apps" (see attached screen shot).

With other MDMs I've worked with (like Airwatch), you identify the application by an identifier that looked something like "com.rsa.securidapp" which you can easily find in the respective app stores. Apparently this is different in Intune. The only example I can find is that the unique identifier for Skype is just "skype", as (opposed to

The answer from Microsoft is "contact the vendor". Does anyone know what this value would be?