Visham Rawat

Meta count (>100000 - X%)

Discussion created by Visham Rawat on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2019 by John Kisner

I want to know the exact (event logs) count for a particular metakey-value.


Now, as per my understanding for the 'Event Outcome' metakey, the (event logs) count for the 'failure' metavalue is 37,003 events.

The (event logs) count for the 'success' metavalue has reached the threshold of 100,000 events. I'm not sure what the -73% means, although as per the document it has something to do with load time. Can somebody please elaborate? The document explanation isn't satisfactory.


Also, if the 100,000 events threshold has been reached - how do I know what the exact (event logs) count is?


So, basically if I need to know the exact count of event logs streaming in within 1 hour - how do I know so, if the count shows (>100000 - 73%)?