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Cannot activate or delete virtual certificates in Operations Console

Question asked by Kevin Conway on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Jay Guillette



We have a primary and replica RSA instances.  I can activate or delete signed and Wildcard Certificates on the replica RSA instance.  I have the proper rights as an OC Admin.    ON the primary, RSA instance when I hover over the Certificates in the Virtual Host Certificate Console, there is an option to delete or activate the certificates.


When I try the same thing on the replica instance there is no active link or ability to activate or delete the certificates.  Is this expected?  is this a Java issue?  The attachments compare both instances's Operations Consoles.  When I hover the mouse over the certs on rsa 1 it looks like its initiating a java runtime but when I hover over the certificates on rsa 2 (replica) I don't see any blue link or java instance.


Any assistance would be appreciated.




kevin C.