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o365 SAML Integration urn:uri question

Question asked by JOHN MILLER on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by Ted Barbour

Hi, I am looking for some clarification on the “Issuer Entity ID” setting found in the o365 SAML SSO integration.

In the older setup guide “RSA SecurID Access SAML Configuration for Microsoft Office 365” it showed in the example to set this attribute to “urn:uri:o365”.

In the newest guide “Microsoft_Office365_RSA_SecurID_Access” it states:

“Set Issuer Entity ID to Override and specify



Note: The <idp_id> value must be sufficiently unique as not to conflict with other customers within the same

Microsoft Azure AD/Office 365 infrastructure.:

The example shown is alphanumeric and probably random as to not to conflict.

My assumption from the new guide, is that this number has to be unique to o365.

Can you confirm that this is correct and we just insert something random here?

Also, if this is the case what will happen if people followed the example in the previous guide and used “urn:uri:o365”, are they heading for trouble in the future? It wasn’t at all clear not to use the o365 shown in the example.


Thank you