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reset a rule violation

Question asked by Markus Calmius on Jul 11, 2019
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is it possible to reset/remove a rule violation?


I was doing some testing, and the rule only had "send email to user" and I specified me.

The rule meant to remove entitlements and group memberships on a user that is terminated. Basically, a clean-up job.


I ran the rule, but never got an email. So I checked the log and saw that there was indeed violations. So, I ran it again. This time, no mail and no violations. As expected, had I known this was the behavior.

I checked the user (the rule ran only on one user) and I see the violating entitlements

Entitlement violations shown on users Access-tab


So, I'd like to reset this, and run the rule again but with an action to create CR to remove them. How do I do that?