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Create new accounts on AD Server using RSA IGL with the help of a request form

Question asked by Prabhjyot Kaur on Jul 22, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by Frank Schubert

Hi! We have created a request form and an AD Connector (which is working fine). We require that the HR fills the request form (considering that she/he is the admin) for any new joiner consisting of basic details as joiner's First Name, Last Name, Employee ID, Supervisor name, Department etc. For that, she would fill out a simple request form that will be somehow linked to the AD. We require that a user account gets created in the AD bearing all the details entered in the form. Next time when the collector runs, the same joiner's details should reflect on the RSA portal. We are using default fulfillment/approval etc. The requests pass the approval and fulfillment phases but we do not see any user/account being created on the AD server. We are not able to figure out how mapping has to be done with the AD. Please let us know how should we proceed. 

Also, if there is any other way to fulfill our requirements, kindly let us know.