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Archiver Storage

Question asked by Visham Rawat on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by Guy Williams


Okay, maybe I'm not getting the whole picture here, but I'm wondering what exactly is sent to the Archiver from the Decoders.




For example.


I have 3.5 TB of Archiver storage. And this has been designed for 9 months of hot storage. Additionally, the Log Decoder has an ingestion rate of 150GB per day. This means 3.5 TB in about 20-25 days.


Now, as per my understanding, the Archiver is sent a copy of all raw logs (and meta generated on the Log Decoder). So, shouldn't the Archiver be full and start rolling over logs in less than a month? Yet, the oldest meta file I see if of December? How is this possible? Or is it that not all data from the Log Decoder is sent to the Archiver?