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7.1.0 patch 05 Version Dump can import in 7.1.1 version?

Question asked by Viswanath Reddy on Jul 26, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by Mostafa Helmy

In the (RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Database Setup and Management Guide V7.1.1 document) states data back can import to a new machine, and also states the target machine must be running on the same RSA version, so confused, please confirm can be do it or not?


Importing AVUSER Schema/Data for a Customer-Supplied Database Restoration/Load:

You can import a AVUSER schema/data back up for restoring a database or loading it on a new machine. You

perform the import procedure for the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Oracle database on the database
server machine using Oracle's impdp data pump utility. It uses a .dmp file of the AVUSER schema created from
the export process. If you intend to import a dump from one machine to another, you may be required to
perform additional configuration on the target machine. The target machine must be running the same RSA
Identity Governance and Lifecycle version as the version from which the dump was created.