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Event Source Monitoring has been deprecated

Question asked by Maxim Siyazov on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2019 by James Moon

One of the changes announced in the release note of v11.3.1 was that  Event Source Monitoring page will be deprecated and replaced by the Event Sources. After the upgrade the page has a big red banner saying:

And yes, the Even Sources - Manage tab finally has got filters, which is great. Prior that it was impossible to manage over 5000 event sources.


However, a historical graph, a very useful and one of the most commonly used features, has gone.

I am now breaking my head how to make a support team to be able to see and analyze the behavior of event sources. The team is responsible for ES monitoring only and has no access apart from H&W.  


As a side note, why has the Settings tab of H&W not been removed though been rather useless since the H&W was introduced many years ago?