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Can i deploy 2 ESA as primary in same SA server?

Question asked by Rajveer Singh on Jul 29, 2019
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I have a setup with 2 concentrator 2 decoder, 2 ESA, one VLC [HA on Esxi level] and one SA server.  I want my all logs to be present on both Stack at the same time  for that i have configured log forwarding on log decoder 2 and 1 simultaneously, now wanted to configure ESA 1 for Concentrator 1 and ESA 2 for Concentrator 2 but i can see ESA primary and ESA secondary service for installation on ESA hosts. 


Purpose is, if any server from stack 1 goes down i can enable stack 2 for the alert, report and investigation ( till then i will disable ESA rules so they cant push alert on respond server). 


I remember it was possible in version 10.6 to use 2 ESA as primary, is still SA [version 11.x] server support this type structure? 

or what issue i will face, if i select ESA primary on both ESA server? 


Need help if anyone has done this type setup or installation? Please suggest for alternative too. 


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