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RSA 7.1.1 Installation doesn't install sqlplus?

Question asked by Muzammil K on Jul 31, 2019
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Hi RSA IGL Experts  

Greetings !!


I'm performing a fresh installation of 7.1.1. using local database on a fresh SLES 12 SP2 Installation. (I've done this before quite a few times)

The installation went smoothly and I verified the services are up and now it was time to import the DB dmp.


The import fails with the error "Cannot run program "sqlplus": error=13, Permission denied".

However if i run "sqlplus" i get the command-not-found error. "Weird"


In my installation directory /tmp/aveksa/packages I have both "" and "" files and I've done quite a few installation before and I've never run into this issue.


Doesn't the script install sqlplus if it's a local DB?

Kindly advice on what I should do so that I can import the DB dmp.