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How do I find the metadata for our RSA Authentication Manager?

Question asked by Kevin Conway on Aug 5, 2019
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I am trying to Integrate RSA Authentication Manager 8.4 with Ping Federate so I can implement multi-factor for Service Provider O365.  I am using The RSA Document Ping Identity PingFederate 9 - RSA ScureID Access Implementation Guide:

   Ping Identity PingFederate 9 - RSA SecurID Access Implementation Guide 


I'm looking at the PingFederate SAML SP Configuration in the document and am trying to figure out how to find/determine what or where is the metadata file for RSA when creating the new IDP Connection in the Ping Federate Console with RSA.  This is item 4 & 5 on page 17 of the guide.  How do I get the Metadata File for our RSA on-premise Authentication Manager Application so I can add it as in IDP Connection in the Ping Federate Console.  




Kevin C.