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Upgrade to 8.4 patch 4 with existing cloud authentication service

Question asked by Jose Luis Martin Mas on Aug 12, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by Jose Luis Martin Mas

Dear all,


We have an AM running 8.2 SP1 with Cloud Authentication services configured, with all the process needed for a 8.2 SP1: creating an agent for the IDRs, etc.


Now we are planning a (long overdue) migration to 8.4 and we've seen the new features in 8.4 patch 4 that make easier to integrate AM with cloud authentication services but we have a few doubts:


1) Shall the upgrade keep everything as is configured or shall we need to re-configure the AM with the Cloud Auth Service?


2) In case everything is kept as configured, shall we be able to use the new features, like managing the Cloud users in AM Security Console, the push to approve, etc. or shall we be stuck with the "legacy" features?